Rumor 86

Rumor 86    Thursday 7 March 2019   Utrecht

Start 20:00 TivoliVredenburg Cloud 9

Admission: €18 /  €14 (U-pass, student)

20:00  TivoliVredenburg Cloud 9: Horaţiu Rădulescu – piano sonatas

In 1985, the Romanian composer Horaţiu Rădulescu writes that it is necessary to come out of the overly intrusive complexity of much post-war European music. To “enter” the sound and rediscover the ocean of vibrations that Pythagoras examined two thousand years ago. Rădulescu’s spectral technique is new and at the same time confirms an old value that is overlooked in the rationalism of much late-twentieth-century music: the spirituality of sound. At Rumor a number of sonatas for solo piano will be performed. Many of Rădulescu’s piano works derive their poetic inspiration from Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching.

Nora Mulder – piano

20:45  TivoliVredenburg Cloud 9: The Dorf

The Dorf was founded in 2006 by saxophonist and composer Jan Klare. The band consists of a variable pool of 25 to 30 musicians. Always a little bit rough and dirty, but at the same time loud and warm, just like communal village life. Utopic beats, ambient, improvisation and a touch of krautrock are but a few components of the innovative compositions of “village chief” Jan Klare. The Dorf operates like a flock of birds heading south with an extremely efficient inner orientation and a clear objective: a tree for all to twitter on. “This is not a band, it’s a village”

oona kastner – voice/ keys; julia brüssel, martin verborg – violin; emily witbrodt – cello; markus türk, stephan gerhartz, jd renken – trumpet; moritz anthes, max wehner, adrian prost – trombone; alex morsey – tuba; florian walter, sebastian gerhartz- saxophone; christian hammer – guitar; oliver siegel – synth; gilda razani – theremin; achim zepezauer, florian hartlieb, kai niggemann – electronics; johannes nebel, volker kamp – bass; simon camatta, marvin blamberg- drums; jan klare – aimovement; denis cosmar – sound.

22:00  ACU: Gerri Jäger Double Duo

“The sound of the quartet is great. A kind of deliberately stuttering and jerky post-rock. You could even put the label ‘industrial’ on it – especially when Vanoli begins to process the strings with a spanner and the group starts producing heavy emergency weather drones. Then there is no escape possible. Pop and entertainment music usually has an escapist function. The music of Gerri Jäger is the opposite. It can be heard as the oppressive sound of the Zeitgeist.” (music journalist Peter Bruyn)

Raphael Vanoli: guitar, electronics; Giray Gürkal: guitar, electronics; Frank Rosaly: drums, electronics; Gerri Jäger: drums, electronics, composition; Ron Ruiten: sound

Special thanks to: TivoliVredenburg & ACU